GRP Roof Covering (Rear Extension 5mx4m)


GRP Roof Covering (Rear Extension 5mx4m)

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Softwood treated firring

Galvanized Round Wire Nail Pack

Screws box

Smartply OSB

Cure-It GRP Resin

Cure-It GRP Chopped Strand Matting

Cure-It GRP Coloured Topcoat Anthracite Grey

Cure-It GRP Summer Catalyst

Cure-It GRP Glass Bandage

Cure-It Acetone

Cure-It GRP Resin Brush

Cure-It GRP – Soft Application Roller Set

Cure-It GRP Paddle Roller

Cure-It GRP Plain Mixing Bucket

Treated Batten

Galvanized Round Wire Nail 1kg Pack

Geocel Trade Mate Roofers Seal Lead Grey

Cure-It GRP C100 Simulated Lead Flashing

Cure-It GRP Trim PU Adhesive

Cure-It GRP B230 Raised edge Trim

Extra Large Head Galvanised Clout Nail

Cure-It GRP D260 Wall Fillet

Cure-It GRP A200 Fascia/Drip Trim



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